UX or user experience is one of the most important parts for a web designer. Whether you build a blogging website or an E-commerce website, what matters the most is the number of visitors you are getting. Nowadays designers are using different kinds of tools to make a website look attractive but yet they are failing to pull the traffic into websites. In this article, we will discuss some basic factors that are essential in enhancing the user experience. Here are 6 factors listed below, you should consider whether you are a designer or a web design company.


Language is an important factor in making a user stay connected to your website. A best web design company should consider this thing first and ask its designers to put a language switcher on the website. If you are an American and making an E-commerce website only with content in the English language, how could a Chinese understand? You should let your users choose their languages manually by going on to the language Switcher.


Like the cover of a book encourages us to open it, the theme of a website creates the first impression of the website. Nowadays most of the users are using smartphones or small tablets, so the theme of your website must be mobile friendly. There are many users who love to read the content of the website they visit, so you can also add one light and one dark theme for better readability. There are many free and paid themes also, which offer beautiful layouts to place content and logos which you can also consider while building a website.

3.Simple Content

Content is an important thing in making your products and services reach to the target audiences. While designing a website you must make a proper strategy to put contents on it. Nowadays most users are millennials, who can easily get distracted by complicated wordings. You must prefer making your content, simple, relevant and not lengthy. This will make the user read the content and stay on your website for a long time.


Well, currency is important for E-commerce websites only as they do the transaction online. A best web design company will add a currency converter on your website whether your site is intended for a particular region or not. For example, if you have an E-commerce store in Pakistan and you have not enlisted a currency converter on your website, your website may not get any customer from Nepal or India. So currency is also an important factor to be considered by designers to enhance the UX.


In this technological era, most people are concerned about their privacy. Many such cases have come where users have complained about data-stealing by many websites. If you are a designer, you must design the website without harming the privacy of visitors. Many websites are there which require users to sign up using their email-id or ask to use their current location. These websites are secure but cannot be considered as user-friendly. A best web design company should suggest it’s clients to make these formalities optional which will help their website getting more traffic.

6.Social Interaction

Social Interaction is the most important aspect of web design and brand building. To enhance the UX of your website you must let your visitors share their opinions independently about your products or services. You can also add a live chat option which may help in troubleshooting. You can also add a discussion forum where everyone can discuss and post their ideas about the improvement of your website, brand, products or services.

Final thoughts

All these things that we discussed above are very well-known among designers but sometimes it has been noticed that they are not considering these basic elements. We hope you will get something to know from this article in order to improve the UX program of your website.