WordPress first appeared in 2003 as a joint effort between Matt Mullenweg and Mike little to create a fork of b2. The name ‘WordPress was suggested by a friend of Mullenweg. By and large, WordPress framework is a content management system (CMS), right now it wins the best position in its specialty. To make and operate various contents via uploading, editing and publishing posts containing duplicate, pictures, sound and video etc, web applications are created that is known as CMS. Along these lines, this is the multi-practical stage for blogging, both individual and proficient, and furthermore making websites for different companies or non-benefit associations and developments. WordPress has a web format framework utilizing a layout processor2. Its design is a front controller, steering all solicitations for non-static URIs to a solitary PHP record which parses the URI and distinguishes the objective page. These permits bolster for more comprehensible permalinks.

Why do developers love to use WordPress framework?

Nowadays WordPress has captured the market of website building and designing by becoming a beloved framework of developers. Here are few important reasons for that this CMS has grown so stronger in the domain of website building as well as in the hearts of web site developers.

It has more Features

WordPress framework has more features that allow a developer to create a good website. WordPress framework users may install and switch between different themes. Themes enable developers to change the look and usefulness of a WordPress site without modifying the center code or site content. WordPress’ module design enables clients to expand the components and usefulness of a site or blog. It has over 50,316 plugins available, each of which offers custom functions and features enabling users to tailor their sites to their specific needs.

It’s more Flexible to use

Since WordPress is so powerful, it needs to capacity to be formed by skilled hands into pretty much any sort of site. WordPress framework can be changed into a completely useful online business store, an SEO driven substance web page, or even an enrollment site for paid get to. The mystery is that it’s open-source, which means every last bit of its code is accessible to people in general constantly. This has empowered the stage to develop and develop after some time into what we have come to know today.

It’s compatibility to SEO

For every developer, wordpress is a darling in general because of its friendliness towards search engine optimization. WordPress itself is worked in a way that intrinsically enables Google to proficiently sweep, list and rank website at a substantially less demanding than different stages or web designers. Content connected in the items made on the premise of CMS can be naturally improved for web indexes that make higher possibilities for the substance to achieve its goal. Furthermore, in the administrator dashboard essayists are offered the capacity to try and work on streamlining of the considerable number of pictures uploaded to posts.


It Is Secure

What a website developer really needs to ensure its client is the security of the website that it creates and WordPress takes security seriously. In this world, hackers are present almost in every country and so many times they play their part by targeting websites and devices. As WordPress makes us over 25 per cent of all websites it can be an all-time target for hackers on the internet. But for a good developer, if a WordPress website is given the appropriate tools, it will be forever secured.



There are different substance frameworks nowadays, all of which have their wide or confined group. In any case, at this moment WordPress presents the market pioneer opening completely open entryways for setting destinations quickly and successfully. We should look closer what the points of interest are pulling in people to such a degree.