AI or Artificial Intelligence is the actions performed by a machine or computer by recognizing the intelligent functions of humans or animals. It is also known as machine intelligence or machine learning in IT industries. The current developments in AI include following characteristics

  • Speech recognition
  • Learning
  • Planning
  • Problem-solving

There are many other advanced characteristics of AI which includes human feeling recognition, self-decision making ability and many more as well. All these advanced traits of Artificial intelligence are being researched by engineers and scientists now which may be included in AI-powered devices in Near future.

Be that as it may, the current progress in Artificial Intelligence can make revolutionary changes in different fields of science and engineering. It can be helpful as well as dangerous which is a fact apparently. Well, in this article we will discuss machine learning(AI) and its impact on web design and development field.

Websites are the business makers nowadays and the more you make your website good, the more chances of increasing your ROI will increase. Artificial Intelligence can lighten the burden of individuals working in the IT field, especially in the area of design and development. Here are some ways, AI (Artificial Intelligence) can impact on web design and development.

Predicting User’s Emotion

Generally, the communication process between an individual and a computer is not natural as machines cannot understand emotions. Artificial Intelligence can empower websites to predict the user’s behavior and mindset so that new chatbots can assist visitors more effectively.

Improving user experience

 UX or User experience improvement program is a common thing in a web design company. In this competitive era, users can easily get distracted from a website to another easily. To make users stay on a particular web page the current methods are not enough apparently. Artificial Intelligence can help here by judging the moods of visitors and showing them the appropriate content, themes, layout, language switchers, currency converters, and logos. Users can easily get frustrated by the huge volume of data on websites which can be prevented by Artificial intelligence powered websites.

Encouraging Voice-based search

Voice-based search is the most advanced way of searching on the web today. Though the scope for voice-based search is limited as the current facilities of search engines are not up to the mark. In near future, things are going to change due to certain improvements in machine learning. Now users can easily search their needs on the web with AI-powered search engines by voice commands. In case they spell something wrong or speak unprofessionally, the advanced AI-powered voice response can understand them and redirect them to the appropriate site. In this way, Artificial intelligence can encourage voice-based search which will help both users and service providers to enhance the client-agent relationship.

Enhancing client-vendor relationship

E-commerce stores are the most revolutionary changes that have come in the field of business. There is a cut-throat competition going amongst enterprises nowadays. With current progress in the field of E-commerce business, sometimes users are facing many problems such as Freud and duplicate products or services. Artificial Intelligence can make E-commerce websites behave more responsible ways than today. For example, if a customer wants to buy a product from an E-commerce website, Artificial intelligence can provide all the details of the product to the customer instantly. It can also make live calls to customers who used the product for genuine reviews. This can not only stop fraud services as well as build a trust bridge between the user and the vendor. The shopping experience of people will get better and they will become happy as well.

There is no doubt, AI is a crucial yet imaginary technology that can help mankind to reach a milestone on earth. It can influence the most precious parts of our lives closely by giving us a super-human experience. The role of AI in organizing the field of web design and development will be the next big thing to watch in few year